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How long after the crash did you look up and think Hey, that guy’s wearing a bow-tie too
I’m sorry van, your guts were just too rotten. :(

I’m sorry van, your guts were just too rotten. :(

We bought a thing.

We bought a thing.

How To Save $50 - Setting Up Your Own Damn Guitar, Pts. V-VI (Action & Intonation)


Here’s the second installment of my how-to on setting up Fender Jaguars and Jazzmasters.  Like a hot rod, these guitars need to be calibrated properly to really work their best, and since I’m too cheap to pay someone good to do it, I learned how to do it myself.  And so I thought I’d save you the money as well.  This is just a VERY basic guide for first-timers, with lots of info available all over the web, but I recommend offsetguitars.com.  They know what they’re talking about, and are usually more than happy to help out with questions and stuff.  This is just one dummy’s opinion, and I won’t take any responsibility if you screw up your guitar.  This is just what *I* did, and hopefully it can help save you, too, from the clutches of overpriced, underinformed guitar techs!
The first installment covered shimming the neck, checking to make sure the nut was filed right, adjusting the neck relief with the truss rod, and preventing buzz and rattle from the infamous Jazzmaster & Jaguar bridge with some Loctite.  
Let’s take a minute and see where we are since last time.  As we stand now, the neck is shimmed at the body joint, the nut has been filed and lubed (if necessary) to make sure the strings sit comfortably in their nut slot grooves, and your bridge has been Loctite’d so it won’t buzz or shift.  Now that all those PARTS of the guitar are ready, we can focus on SETTINGS.  Incidentally, these can generally be applied to Mustangs, too.  And even if you don’t have the floating bridge, the principles are the same.  Just search online to find the suggested measurements for your kind of guitar. 

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How To Save $50 - Setting Up Your Own Damn Guitar, Pts. I-IV (Shims, Gunk, Nuts, and Relief)


It took some love and some learning, but my new Jaguar is now in full fighting form. As some of you may remember, I got it last week, and it’s fantastic. As a guy who started up playing in the early ’90s, I’m amazed that a budget-brand guitar can play as well as some more than three times its price. But some costs were cut, and “factory finish” was kind of one of them. Setting it up was the biggest hurdle to full awesomeness, since I’m not a tech and I hate paying shoddy ones to essentially fuck up my guitar and charge me for it.  
My favorite kinds of guitars are Fender Jazzmasters, Jaguars, Mustangs, and their ilk — and they don’t use the same kind of mechanics for the bridge and tremolo (I know, it’s vibrato, but this is a Leo-friendly blog) as more common models of guitar like the Stratocaster and Telecaster and Les Paul.  Getting a “setup” for a guitar isn’t just getting a new set of strings and a polish.  It’s sort of like getting a tuneup for your car.  You have to make sure that it’s playing like it supposed to be played.  They’re remarkably primitive machines (Magnets?!?  Vibrating metal strings?!?  Big springs?!), but so well-designed that if you can calibrate them right… well, we’re still playing rock and roll, aren’t we?  And despite all the fuss and hubbub over the stock tremolo systems on these offset-waisted guitars (it’s their hips that make ‘em so sexy) like the Jag and Jazzmaster, they’re really incredibly stable and comfortable to play if you just make sure to calibrate them every so often with a proper setup.  

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You have to have your non-art hobbies sometimes. Mine involve making these little two-stroke terrors. Makes for a great time!

That’s it. I’m growing out my beard.

That’s it. I’m growing out my beard.

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HORNS - Official Trailer (2014)


Been nursing a Joe Hill crush since I read Locke and Key. This looks great. So fun and insane. 

Yeeeeeeah, looking forward to seeing how they adapt this. Cool trailer. 

Oh holy CRAP.

Harry! Why do you sound so American and cool??
Heather Graham! Why aren’t you aging??

goddamnwalls asked: I've just discovered that Lumberjanes will be published here in Italy in 2015 thanks to Bao! Can't wait to have it! Have a nice day and hope to see you in italy! Bye!


Thank you! We’re so excited!!

I originally bought Lumberjanes for my daughters because I think they should read stuff like that. I want them to be impenetrable walls of strength and confidence and flipping through Lumberjanes in the store I thought it would be a thing to help that.

They can’t read yet and now I just read them myself and they’re so fucking good.

Read them, if you haven’t.